“Match the role not the person”

Job matching is at the heart of successful compensation assessments and one of the most repeated mantras here is "match the role not the person". All too often when going through the job matching process or when viewing matches, I hear something like "well the job is a level 3 but the team really isn't... Continue Reading →

Total What?

The term "Total Reward" has been bouncing around the HR world since at least the turn of the century however what began as an attempt to align all facets of the employee value proposition, has often ended up as a vague concept without truly measurable results. Such is the challenge of implementing an effective Total... Continue Reading →

Good distribution

This piece follows on from some points I made in my previous post, a quibble with quotas, about what the ideal performance distribution really is. In case anyone is unfamiliar with the concept, basically what we are looking at is how a group of sales people perform against their target or quota. Do most of them... Continue Reading →

A quibble with quotas

This week I received an interesting query, asking if I had any market sales quota data that could be used to assess if quotas were reasonable or not. I found this a particularly interesting query. Firstly because I was curious to understand why they felt that market data would help them assess the effectiveness of... Continue Reading →

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