5 gifts for the Compensation Professional in your life

We’ve all been there, furrowing our brows to think of gifts for someone that spends most of their day glued to a spreadsheet of compensation data. Maybe you just want to treat yourself? Below I’ve compiled a short list of ideas to get you started:

1) A Desktop Calculator

I know what you are thinking – “Why does anyone need a calculator anymore when they have a phone!?”. Well, I still have the Casio desktop calculator I used during my exams and love it and use it every day. First of all, you don’t get distracted by notifications and messages each time you pick it up.

Mostly though, it is the feel of it. The physical keyboard (Yes, I still miss my Blackberry), the playful responsiveness of the keys, the gentle tappety-tap sounds. Delightful stuff.

It is a reassuring and inexpensive object to have on your desk and I highly recommend it.

2) A Guide to Sales Compensation

Two options for you here and I do have a copy of each. Actually I only have a copy of one of these because I lent my copy of the Sales Compensation handbook to someone and didn’t get it back. Unfortunately I can’t remember who that was but if you are that person, please return my book.

There is a lot of jargon, terminology, and concepts in the world of sales compensation that require demystification. The Complete Guide to Sales Compensation is written by the boffins at ZS Associates so you know it’s gonna be good. I have leafed through this many times for design ideas or solutions to specific issues in sales compensation, ranging from measures and mechanics, to a very helpful implementation and communication section at the back.

The second book here, The Sales Compensation Handbook is a shorter but no-less helpful resource, and it just so happens that a former colleague and mentor of mine, Mark Davis contributed to this one.

3) An Excel Shortcut Mug and Accompanying Pair of Socks

Whether a seasoned Excel nerd or a reluctant user, there is nothing like learning a few Excel keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work, or just to show off to your friends at the pub. This handy mug provides many useful keyboard shortcuts at-a-glance while supplying you with the caffeine necessary to get the job done.

And despite what George Harrison said, why hide your love away? Celebrate your love for Excel with a tasteful pair of Excel socks.

4) Become a Better Manager

Many people either have direct reports or aspirations of leading a team in the future however it can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately there is a wealth of literature out there to help.

First Break all the Rules was given to me by my manager when I first started managing people and contains sound guidance driven by Gallup-powered research.

The second book, The Practice of Management by legendary management rock star, Peter Drucker, was first published in 1954. Despite its age, this remains an insightful and helpful resource to any Manager and I highly recommend it. Fun fact to impress your friends – it is also the first book to mention MBO.

5) A Magic 8-Ball

When all else fails, with your back against the wall, payroll needs that final Excel file, you’ve done your best to come up with a solution but you’re out of ideas, pick up one of these.1

This Magic 8-Ball will always tell you what to do…It just might not be the best advice.

1This is a joke – Please don’t take this as professional guidance

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