Let’s start embracing Pay Transparency

There are plenty of articles out there on how to prepare for pay transparency legislation, including this one by my colleague Gerry Murphy at Nua which sets out some tangible steps you can follow. I wanted to write a bit about, not how we can prepare for transparency, but why we should embrace it. It... Continue Reading →

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Hybrid approaches to salary structures

"One does not simply build a salary structure" Following up on my previous posts on the differences in globally graded vs traditional salary structures and job-based approaches vs salary structures, I'd like to add one more piece to make it a trilogy. But hopefully a good trilogy like the Before trilogy or Lord of the... Continue Reading →

Six initiatives to combat inflation in 2022

Originally posted on the Nua Blog: Inflation is the new hot topic among economists. Consumer Price Index (CPI) indicates the cost for all consumer goods rose by 0.8% in November and called into question the notion that 2021 price increases were only a temporary spike. While economists debate whether inflation will continue to rise and... Continue Reading →

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